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Dear Readers,

Everyone has a style icon! Where it’s Miley Cyrus or the Queen, there are some people who just have this ultra cool and/or classy look which you seem to be attractive to. In this post I’ll be sharing with you a list of people who I admire their fashion style.

 Fran Fine   

From the t.v show The Nanny, Fran Fine had this retro, quirky, yet sexy style. Her style motto: Style over comfortable

603e4163adf3feb7ed511e9ef423e834  3729058f073a0998439ba08eab4eade7

  Alexa Chung  

It girl, Alexa Chung has a unique style which I can describe as a doll-like style mixed with a tomboy style. If anyone could look bad ass with a mini skirt that will be Alexa Chung.

streetstyle6281.jpg  London_Fashion_Week_Fall_Winter_2015-Street_Style-LFW-Collage_Vintage-Alexa_Chung-Zipper_Pencil_Skirt-Black_And_White-3.jpg

  Carrie Bradshaw  

Teen Carrie Bradshaw from The Carrie Diaries, had this 90s quirky, fun and colorful style that made you wish that you can pull off crazy pattern without looking like a child.

annasophia-on-the-set-of-the-carrie-diaries-october-17-2012-annasophia-robb-32559894-396-594.jpg  annasophia-robb-and-the-carrie-diaries-gallery.jpg

  Kate Middleton   

Princess Kate closet is every preppy girly styled girl dream. In the world of classy and elegance, I believe Princess Kate is on the top tier.

e0bfb1be13d35b293efc79f9b2e0624f.jpg75a8900847df7ab71bd89489382cd735.jpg  ea91b930f1642df936aef910772cccc7.jpg

Thank you for reading and make sure to leave a comment on your favorite fashion icons.

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Bianca B.


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