Dorm/House Décor

Most students are leaving off the college. These students are currently buying and packing their needs and decor for their dorm. Whether its finding the right aesthetic or trying not over pack, buying and packing supplies for your dorm can be hard. So I have made a list of some of the essential needs with some few example ideas that I have fallen in love with. Oh! And even if you are not leaving for college, these ideas are so cute that you can not resist to buying for you home or room. Shall we begin?

BEDDING – Bedding is IMPORTANT. Obviously, it’s where you sleep, study, and watch Netflix. To have a perfect bedding, you need great comforter, sheets, pillows, mattress, and a super comfy blanket. 

32403289_074_b.jpeg   28375079_011_d   39033808_044_b.jpeg   39038971_018_b

AROUND THE DORM – You are going to be leaving in this room for a whole year. If it’s your first year it can make you a bit home sick. The trick is that you have to make this room feel like home. Other than your personal ideas, there are a few things such as rug, mirror, comfy chair, trash bin, laundry bin, bedside caddy, and mini fan that will make your whole college experience better.


BATHROOM & KITCHEN – I combined these two categorize because in most dorms (at least in U.S) you have to share bathroom and kitchen with many other girls. Having to share, decreases the space and the ability to bring your own things. Although, you might have limited space there are a few things you MUST bring such as coffee mugs, bowls, shower caddy, shower shoes, and bath robe.

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I think I have covered all that is needed. College is a great experience. It’s the place where learn but much of the learning is done outside of the classrooms.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are not a college student you can still buy these items. I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed it as well. I will be writing more on the topic of schools and hope to provide help from my experience. Please leave a comment taking about your own experience or tips and remember to follow us on Instagram at (nerdy.but.stylish).

Written by Bianca Baron



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