Life Story & Update

Dear Readers,

It currently 1:20 am and I’m wide awake. Lately, I have been putting much effort into making this blog entertaining and helpful for the people who read my post. A few hours ago, I decided to make this blog more personal, not only talking about makeup or fashion but also talk about my life experiences. I thought why not make a post on my background and past so I can connect with my amazing readers(friends). Shall we started?!

Let’s start with the basic

My name is Bianca Baron and I am a young adult with dreams and aspirations. June 8 was the day I was born in the hot state of California. I was raised by strong Mexican women whom I am lucky to call my mother. My mother, my 3 sisters, and I have been through many obstacles but we have always been grateful for what we have. I have gonna through what every teenage girl has gone through which is one of the reasons why I started this blog. As of today, I am a Fullerton College, martial art, and photography student. I enjoy many things such as fashion or filmmaking and wish to share my passions through my blog.


Favorite Food: Turkey Burger with French Fries           Favorite Drink: Strawberry lemonade             Favorite Shows: Park & Rec, Jane The Virgin, Criminal Minds,  Doctor who, & many more Favorite Place I Have Visited: Cuernavaca, Mexico       Dream Vacation: South Of France     Name Behind Blog: My blog name is NerdyButStylish because I am very nerdy person but I also LOVE Fashion and people have this concept that nerdy people don’t enjoy or care about fashion. So yeah.

Up Coming Post & Content:

I have many ideas for the blog post which I will be posting soon. I have thought about having a series on my thought on certain topics like the presidential election or the kat von d & Jeffree Star drama. Also, I will be posting A Day In My Life and many other kinds of posts. I have also created a YouTube channel which I will be posting content starting next week.

I am truly excited for this blog and the upcoming projects. So PLEASE follow so you can keep up with the madness. Thank you for reading and I’ll love to hear your story so remember to leave a comment below.



With Much Love – Bianca B.



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