What’s In My Bag

Dear Readers,

I enjoy to read and watch What’s In My Bag tags. Since I used a bag daily to do my everyday task, I thought why not show everyone what I hold inside my bag.

My bag is a vintage genuine brown leather handbag from a shop in the South of France. It’s leather is crocodile texture with gold hardware. It has came with a shoulder strap. Inside I hold my daily material, such as:

Agenda/Planner: A planner is needed in everyone’s life, whether it’s work or personal. My planner is the main objective that makes my day productive. Mine is from target but you can get one anywhere.

Mirror: My mirror was gifted but I always bring it with me to check my face.

Blotting Sheets: I’m a very oily person so I always have them in my bag. Mine are from Walgreens and they’re from a company called Boe Beauty

Tissue: I have really bad allergies so I always sneezing. My blue packets are from target’s brand

Pills: Like I said I get sick easily so advils are useful.

Lotion & Perfume:  The lotion I used is the Sk-II Essential Power Rich Cream and the perfume I used is the Victoria Secret Love Spell

Makeup: The lipstick I used is my favorite Sugar Fairy Plum color Wet & Wild Lipstick. I believe brows are essential so I always carry a Brow Pencil.

Keys & Eyewear: I can’t leave the house with out my keys with a engraved keychain from Mexico or my eyeglasses.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see a comment below. If you liked to see more follow me on Instagram at Nerdy.But.Stylish

Written with Love,




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