How To Create: Beach/Loose Waves

1c5b0d62e4d489ce9d01f9ea13e8e71d     Hello Readers !

Loose waves are my go to hairstyle. Although this is a I Woke-Up-Like-This look, It takes time and effort to create this hairstyle. Lucky for you, I have master this look and I am going to show you how to create this style at home.

You’ll Need: 


  • Have Damped Hair – Whether you just wash your hair or add water to it, you need untangled damped hair.
  • Add Sea Salt Spray – Add a few sprays into hair. You can also spray some into hand and message into hair
  • Twist – Twist small section of hair and hold for a few seconds.
  • Curl – Grab small sections and wrap hair around iron, leaving ends alone and hold for 10-15 seconds. Do that for the rest of the hair and alternating the direction of wrapping.
  • Run fingers through hair to make to hair seemed effortlessly wavy

And Voilá

Thank You for reading and I hope you enjoyed your hair. I had fun writing this post and I hope to see a comment with your thoughts.

Written with love,





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