Outfit Of The Day

Hello Lovelies !

Sorry about not posting constantly but I have been very busy with work and school. In other news, today’s post consist of my outfit for today.

Outfit Info

  • Top & Shoes – Charlotte Russe
  • Skirt – Forever 21
  • Bralette – Fashion Nova
  • Bag – Debshop

This is the perfect outfit for school or for a quick hangout with your friends.

The long sleeve shirt keeps you warm without causing you a stroke since it’s still warm outside.

I usually don’t like wearing skirts because they can get uncomfortable but this skirt is the opposite of uncomfortable.

I don’t know about you but for me I prefer bralettes than actual bras, especially this one. Bralettes are comfortable but still gives you enough support.

These black booties are super cute and easy to walk in them.

And to top it all of, I added a black leather book bag from Debshop. Backpacks don’t have to ruin your outfit they should upgrade it.

This is one of my absolute favorite outfit to wear right now for many reasons. If I were to describe this outfit in three words I would say “Comfortable Yet Chic“. You should give it a try recreating this outfit. Change a few things and make it yours. I hope you guys like this quick post and make sure to like, follow, and comments.

With lots of love,

Bianca xoxo




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