Top 5 Mascara 


Do you wanna know how to get these long luxurious lash? Then keep reading.

Everybody wants naturally long lashes, even I do. Well what If i told you that you kinda can. Learn what maracas can create this look.

Let me share with you my ultimate favorite mascaras. Starting with the first one.

They’re Real ! By Benefit = 24 dollars at sephora | Pros : create long-lasting and voluminous curl in no time | Con : none

Better Than Sex By Too faced = $23 at sephora : creates long & long-lasting lashes | Pros : a little goes a long way | Cons : if applied with to much coats it will get all clumpy

Best In faux By Tarte = $20 at sephora | Pros : long lash ; cheaper than the 2 above | Cons : hard to apply

Roller Lash By Benefit = $24 at sephora | Pros : super curl ; long-lasting ; long & voluminous |Cons: none

Lash Sensational By Maybelline = $9 | best drug store mascara | Pros : cheap ; easy to apply ; not clumpy ; voluminous lashes |Cons : none

Now you all know my secret! Go on & try them out and make everyone jealous. Leave a comment below letting me know if you agreed or your opinion on mascara. If you like this post make sure to follow to see more.

P. S They’re real is my current favorite mascara

With all love ,

Bianca xxx



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